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Coffee with Lion’s Mane, L-Theanine, Rhodiola & Ginkgo Biloba

ULTIMATE FOCUS Coffee for optimized taste and performance

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This is the ultimate blend of all our powerful adaptogenic nootropic superfoods combined with our 100% instant arabica coffee to offer super strong benefits of natural energy boosting and performance enhancing functions. Our RARA Ulitimate Focus Coffee contains arabica coffee with Lion’s Mane, L-Theanine, Rhodiola & Ginkgo Biloba. 

Easy to make: Just add hot water (milk / plant milk and sugar / sweetener if desired) to 1tsp of coffee blend.

Contains 1000mg of superfood blend in every serving. Free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Only pure, raw, clean, natural ingredients.

100g contains approx 40 servings

200g contains approx 80 servings

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kelly P
Amazing coffee!!

This coffee is honestly one of my favourites within the hour of taking it, I feel more energetic and I’m more focused the rest of the day in my demanding job without the sudden energy drop like i get with normal coffee! I’m more productive it’s definitely worth the money & I feel a big difference in my Wellbeing!

Rapid delivery good customer service and a really effective coffee !

highly recommended !

Quick delivery well packaged and very smooth coffee with a mushroom fix !

Quick delivery well packaged and very smooth coffee with a mushroom fix !

Philip Bennet
Great Coffee! Just what I needed!

I have loved how great this coffee has tasted and it really did give me the energy boost I desperately needed especially in the afternoons at work! I feel more productive and energetic thanks to this coffee. Thanks RARA Coffee

Great tasting coffee

Tried a few mushroom coffee blends and love the taste of this one so far. I look forward to trying more blends :)