About RaRa Coffee

RaRa Coffee

We at RaRa Coffee have been a pack of coffee loving cubs since the start of the new millennium and wanted to share this love by growing our business, RaRa Coffee, to offer all our customers the same great taste.
Shroom Coffee
RaRa Coffee is all about combining the natural strength of superfoods with great tasting coffee to give you the best a cup can offer. We source raw, clean and fully natural superfoods and combine these with Arabica instant coffee to make premium tasting shroom coffee blends that can empower your health and wellbeing from immunity and gut health to energy and focus. All of our shroom coffee blends are super easy to enjoy and just need hot water to make.
Nootropic Coffee
We have combined the health benefits of purely natural adaptogen superfoods known as “nootropics” to our instant Arabica coffee beans to offer a range of Nootropic Coffee that gives a powerful uplift when most needed. Our carefully chosen range of nootropic superfoods enhance focus and performance whilst at the same time reducing jitters and crashes commonly associated with coffee. We have created our nootropic coffee collection to work synergistically to provide maximum benefits of coffee and superfoods in one cup.
Signature Beans
We source our gorgeous tasting coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance certified and ethically trading sustainable farms to ensure our customers can enjoy great coffee whilst supporting coffee farm workers to have safe and fair working environments. We pay higher prices for our sourced coffee to support the coffee industry workers and to source the best quality coffee for our product ranges.
Our coffee goes through a delicate process with the coffee bean farmers who pick coffee cherries, clean and wash the cherries to separate the coffee bean which is then dried and prepared to transport to the UK. On arrival our beans are carefully roasted to a desired temperature for a high roast and then either packaged individually to ship to customers as whole roasted beans or then freshly ground to dispatch as ground roasted beans. Our coffee beans are packaged in secure recyclable coffee bags that protect our coffee from light, moisture and oxygen to provide a long lifeline for our coffee. All bags have a valve to allow for the natural process of degassing to occur. 
We dispatch all orders to be as letter box friendly as possible so even if you are out you can return to get your brew on with our special cup of coffee.
Great for you and great as gifts to spread the love of coffee.