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RaRa Coffee

Decaffeinated MOCHA Coffee Blend with Lion's Mane and Natural Cacao

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Caffeine free coffee blend with natural adaptogen mushroom Lion’s Mane & Cacao.

The perfect combo for any coffee and chocolate lover! Containing premium high quality decaffeinated arabica coffee blended with natural raw cacao powder giving you the benefits of natures best. Coffee and Chocolate…what could be more to love?? Our natural raw cacao powder is sourced from Peru and is without any toxins or additives. It’s pure and natural and filled with goodness. Mixed with our delicious coffee, it truly is divine!

Contains 1000mg of lions mane extract and cacao per serving for the perfect balance.

How to prepare: Just takes a few minutes but you can make it however you like. Try with hot water or hot milk (or to make it more interesting, a mix of both!)…the choice is completely yours!

100g contains approx 40 servings

200g contains approx 80 servings

Customer Reviews

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Hayley H
Lovely Coffee

Fast delivery and the coffee is lovely will order again.👌