Freshly Roasted Whole Coffee Beans

Which is better - Whole or Ground freshly roasted coffee beans?

So you want that smooth, rich, full body taste of gorgeous coffee but want to know what type of bean is better to use to keep the full flavour as fresh as possible till you are ready to make that cup of coffee at home?

This question has been around for decades and is always the first thing most people consider when investing in a coffee machine or equipment for home and then again when buying the roasted coffee. Before we get into the thick of the debate it is also worth noting the answer to this age old question also depends on other factors like time and convenience and how much cleaning you want to do afterwards!!

In terms of taste, most people will agree that whole beans are the most full of flavour and will give the most tasteful cup of coffee. The reason for this is a bit like the nutrition that we get from eating fruits and vegetables. Once fruits and vegetables are cut they start to lose their nutritional value and so it is recommended they are cut and prepared as close to consumption as possible to get the most nutritional content from them.

Likewise when we grind whole coffee beans the flavour and body of the coffee bean starts to decline after contact with oxygen and that’s why most people prefer to add whole beans to their espresso machine, if you have a bean to cup machine or grind the beans just before adding to your machine to make your coffee.

However one of the disadvantages of using whole beans can be time. It can add on extra minutes to prepare the beans and grind them down before using, which can be tricky for those of us running late in the mornings!! On the other hand there is a cleaning issue to remember. If you are using a filter machine or cafetiere then cleaning is fairly simple and quick, but when using whole beans there can be more components in your machine and grinder that could need cleaning and even maintaining to use over time.

So ultimately the Whole bean v’s Ground bean debate comes down to a Taste v’s Convenience debate!! That’s why at RaRa Coffee we cater for everyone with our range of whole beans and ground beans. In terms of pre-ground beans we appreciate how busy you all work and juggle everything and know you should still not have to compromise on the taste of pre-ground coffee. That is why all of our pre-ground coffee is freshly roasted and ground before dispatch and we dispatch all of our coffee, both ground and whole in coffee bags with a high barrier layer to provide protection against light, moisture and oxygen to provide our coffee with a long shelf life and to minimise damage to the coffee taste. Our coffee bags will have a valve that allows gases to be released from the bag to ensure the freshness of the coffee is maintained. And they all come with a ziplock seal that once opened means our customers can reseal the bag and enjoy RaRa Coffee again and again (well until it runs out!) 

So now it’s up to you to choose which side of the fence you want to sit on while enjoying your cuppa!


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