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What's on your Bucket List?

Adding items to your bucket list is a personal and subjective process, as it depends on your individual interests, goals, and aspirations. When we think of a Bucket List we usually think of places in this wonderful world to visit but you could make a bucket list for all kinds of stuff. Doing something with someone that's important to you. However, here are some ideas that you might consider adding to your bucket list:

1. Travel destinations: Include places you've always wanted to visit, such as famous landmarks, natural wonders, or specific countries or cities. We have heard the Pyramids of Giza are truly magical and breathtaking so that's one for our list!

2. Adventure activities: Consider adding thrilling experiences like skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, rock climbing, or zip-lining.

3. Learn a new skill: Challenge yourself to acquire a new skill or hobby, like playing a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, painting, or cooking a particular cuisine.

4. Volunteering: Add an opportunity to give back to society, whether it's participating in a community service project, volunteering abroad, or supporting a cause you're passionate about.

5. Personal achievements: Think about goals you want to accomplish, such as running a marathon, writing a book, completing a degree, or starting your own business.

6. Cultural experiences: Add items related to immersing yourself in different cultures, such as attending festivals, trying local cuisines, learning traditional dances, or staying with a host family in another country.

7. Challenges: Consider physical or mental challenges like hiking a challenging trail, completing a puzzle or brain teaser, or participating in a competitive event like a triathlon or chess tournament.

8. Relationship goals: Include activities that strengthen relationships with loved ones, such as taking a family vacation, going on a romantic getaway, or organizing regular gatherings with friends.

9. Personal growth: Add goals focused on personal development, such as practicing mindfulness, improving public speaking skills, or facing a fear or phobia.

10. Bucket list destinations or activities unique to your interests: Consider any specific places, experiences, or goals that resonate with you personally, whether it's a dream to see the Northern Lights, visit a particular museum, attend a major sports event, or try a specific adventure sport.

Remember, your bucket list should reflect your passions, desires, and dreams.

And also bear in mind just as we grow in the world our bucket list can also grow to align with what truly excites and inspires you. 

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