Mushroom Coffee - what is it and more importantly…is it tasty?

Mushroom Coffee - what is it and more importantly…is it tasty?

Mushroom coffee or “Shroom coffee” as it is now more fashionably known as, is an on trend hot drink but it isn’t a new drink. Mushroom coffee dates back to World War II when the people of Finland used chaga mushrooms as a substitute for coffee. Chaga mushrooms are not like the typical mushrooms we can buy in supermarkets. Chaga mushrooms are from a family of medicinal mushrooms that have nutritional and health benefits and include other varieties such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps and many more. These mushrooms are also sometimes referred to as “adaptogens” which typically mean a natural substance that can benefit the body. These adaptogen mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and are what we also refer to as superfoods due their high nutritional value and wellness benefits. 

Chaga mushrooms: Benefits, tips, and risks

In order to make these mushrooms easy to consume, they are sourced from organic farms, picked, dried and then ground into powders and extracts which are combined in carefully selected quantities with great tasting arabica coffee to make the perfect hot drink. 

The taste of the mushrooms in our coffee is certainly not overpowering, in fact the taste blends in so well with the natural taste of coffee that the two work well together to give a great combined taste. 

So it tastes great, what about the benefits…why drink mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee is known to have added health benefits that regular coffee simply does not. It is well documented that the mushrooms used in shroom coffee mixes can help give a boost of energy while also improving functionality and wellness. Now we don’t say completely change your coffee drinking habits. Sometimes you just want the completely full caffeine hit that regular coffee gives and so our signature beans are a great option for this. But at other times when you feel like a coffee but want a more smooth and balanced feel together with a burst of energy that won’t leave you shaky or jittery then mushroom coffee is the perfect choice. The mushroom varieties we use in RaRa Coffee Mushroom blends counteract the jitters and replace this with a calm and balanced feel making it an ideal hot drink.

We at RaRa Coffee make sure we get the blend absolutely right for that great taste and have the right amount of coffee blended with the right amount of mushrooms. All you have to do is boil the kettle and add hot water. You can also make it just like your regular coffee and go ahead and add any milk, sugar, coconut milk, almond milk or anything else you like! 

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